beliefs and values in action

Our core beliefs focus on shamanism and the role of gay people. A shaman is someone who willingly enters an altered state of consciousness to obtain knowledge and power for the well-being of ourselves and our community. Shamanism has a long, active past, and is alive today, practiced throughout the world. We believe shamanism is effective at helping to empower and heal individuals and alleviate the suffering in the modern world,
including New York City.

We bow to all directions and welcome all men who love men regardless of the words they use to identify themselves. We use the word gay in an inclusive manner.

We believe gay people have a unique role in shamanism because they often do not fit conventional masculine and feminine roles, and because we are able to easily connect with both masculine and feminine energy. Our ability to access and transcend the divide between masculine and feminine gives us a unique ability to connect with other people, and with the spirit world. Consequently, we have a unique role as shamanic practitioners.

We also believe shamanic practice is an effective way to improve our lives as gay men. Journeywork, Ceremony, and other shamanic activities can help cultivate our power, love, and creativity within us. We feel this strengthens, nourishes,
and enlivens all our gay community in seen and unseen ways.

As a circle, The NYC Gay Men’s Shamanic Circle holds the following values as primary to our mission:

Empowerment: Precursor to Action

We are humble before the power of the Great Mystery
Empowering ourselves through connecting to Spirit
Seeking balance in all things
Channeling energy

Love: We are humble in the face/power of Love

Acting in a loving and compassionate manner
Using respectful touch
Healing through love
Building a loving community

Truth: We are humble in the power of Truth

Acting in a truthful way
Being clear in our words and actions
Revealing our knowledge
Witnessing our truth to the world
Speaking about our experiences in this world and the Spirit World