If you are reading this, you are most likely seeking a fully realized life. A life lived in balance. Sometimes we need help in doing so. The Stewards of the NYC Gay Men’s Shamanic Circle are available to individuals and the community to help achieve this. We work with the living and the deceased. We use spiritual and energetic means to help bring our clients back into balance.

The shaman will consult with the client, listen to the client’s concerns, use various shamanic techniques such as journeying, divination, ceremony… to obtain a diagnosis in non-ordinary reality and find a means to healing. Healing is an ongoing process intended to bring the person to balance. It is not ‘curing’ in the medical sense, although curing may occur. Shamanic healing is not meant to replace the client’s continued use of ‘conventional’ healing modalities such as counseling and medical care.

Soul Retrieval
Depression, despair, addiction, emotional/spiritual/physical trauma, illness and more can be the result of our inner selves, separating off the pain-filled part, hiding it from our awareness, in order to survive. This is the experience of soul-loss, the disconnecting of part of our essential energetic selves. The shaman’s task is to bring that soul part back to the client’s consciousness, this is called soul retrieval. We support the client’s reintegration of this soul part, so that the client can achieve clarity, understanding and balance. We encourage clients to have a support system after soul retrievals: spiritual and/or psychological counseling, medical care, continued shamanic sessions, etc.

When a deceased soul has not moved on, is stuck in an in-between place between this world and the next, a shaman can help it to move on. Souls get ‘stuck’ for many reasons: sudden death resulting in not knowing they are dead, fear of the next world, a desire to remain with loved ones, etc.

Further Services
· Power Animal retrieval
· Extraction – diagnosing and removing intrusions
· Home Clearings and Blessings
· Reiki
· Meditation
· Dream interpretation and training in interpretation
· Energetic healing
· Ceremonies and rituals for life’s passages, aging, naming, joining, reintegration into society (return from war), prayer, etc.
· Shamanic training
· Spiritual counseling
· Introduction to various traditions

The work does require an exchange of some kind to acknowledge the energies, spirits and knowledge used. The shaman and client can discuss this before the work is done.

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